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As a marriage and family therapist, I am trained to see things systemically. We do not live and operate in a vacuum -- although sometimes, we may want to! But no man is an island. We are relational creatures; like horses. What I say and do impacts you, and your actions have implications to me. Our lives have a ripple effect to those around us. When it comes to a presenting issue, it often serves as an answer to a much bigger problem. Interestingly enough, the whole system/family is participating in this "problem"! We all have a role, a function in "the problem," in which we are trying to find a way to flourish or, perhaps, just to survive. This perspective is liberating in that not one person is "the problem" and that it empowers the whole system/family to be apart of healing, change and meaningful relationships!

I firmly believe that my clients are the experts on themselves. I may be an "expert" in my field, but no one knows you better than you! I am always curious about my client's background, beliefs, values and ways of thinking. This collaborative approach in therapy honors the client's unique experiences, resources and gifts while by mutual team work between the client and the therapist, giving the client accountability, power, hope, new skills and self-determination over one's own circumstances.


Being rather eclectic, I pull from Emotion Focus Therapy, Bowen, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Narrative Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), play therapy and sand tray therapy. I also use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in my treatment of trauma/PTSD, addictions and some mood disorders.

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